Patterns in Speech

Here are some parts of conversations I had with my young Queen today.
All you need to know is , we are waiting for chu-kan test results, she is hoping to go to the big bad city of Osaka with friends “shopping’ and I asked her to give me a hand out at my school today to get some things in order.

” What can I get if I get more than 400 on the tests?”

(personal pride and a great sense of achievement)

” How much will you give me if you decide to let me go shopping?”


” If I help you out will I get more pocket money?”

(possibly but I pay out more for ‘goodness-of-the-heart’ gestures)

” If I do classes with you will you pay me in advance?”


” Is folding the washing included in my pocket money, or can I get extra for it, and can you tell me one way or the other before I decide to fold?”

(No and folding is compulsory, it is directly linked to your right to receive food)

Anyone seeing a pattern?

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