Who you gonna call?

So I was recently asked by a friend, now that summer is here and it is time to show the toes, about nail varnish colours, specifically what is ‘in’ this summer, colour-wise.
My friend of course is no fool, she did not ask me for my advice on the situation, she knows I am clueless about such things, she wanted me to consult my teenage daughter, font of all knowledge.

So I ask said font, I said
” A friend of mine asked me to ask you what colours are ‘in’ this year for nail varnish.
Well, Oh Joy! She looked thrilled to be consulted on such an important topic
and she dashed off, only to return a little later with what appeared to be about 18,000 dollars worth of glossy mags.
I shook off that sickening feeling that I might have actually have paid for them all and focused my full attention on what was clearly going to be a professional presention.

She starts by laying out the mags all over the table and I notice there are little colour-coded post-its sticking out all over.

“Okay here is what the JHS are wearing, you’ll notice different shades of gold with ‘spangles’ in,
these ( gesturing with arm outstretched and splayed fingers )are the high school ones, plaid designs and kind of funky Mary Quant type with a light/dark contrast, tan/brown pink/red etc.
( my God I have not seen her this animated since I said I had found half a chocolate donut behind the sofa)

She continues…..
“THESE are the Uni student ones, see pale pinks and corals with flowers and diamante bits on.”

I was impressed with her range and her commitment to her topic.

Then she said it, she looked me right in the eye, bold as brass and she said it….

I said “umm, dunno about the same age as me I think, maybe a bit younger.”

Talk about deflation Her energy contracted so hard so fast she could have birthed an elephant.
She did the most fantastic eyeroll I have seen since Shian on Survivor All Stars and made a big stampy, slamming production of shutting the mags and shaking her head.

So I said. ” Wha??? Wha?? Wha happened, what colour should she wear?”
The deflated font said

Not sure what that means…
It doesn’t matter no one is looking at her anyway?
It doesn’t matter she could be dead by summer?
It doesn’t matter and don’t consult me on over 20s trivia?

I like to think it means;
It doesn’t matter Mama dear cos women your age are so frickin hot they can where whatever they want.

2 thoughts on “Who you gonna call?

  1. Hilarious! I am going to have to stop by to see your font of knowledge before she becomes too cool to talk with Mom’s friends. Can totally picture the rolling of the eyes, he he he. Something to look back and laugh at one day:-)

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