Where Have I Been?

Really, where have I been?
I left the UK in late 1989 and that is more or less where my music knowledge
drops off the planet. I can probably recall a bit of Jon Bon Jovi’s Blaze Of Glory around ’89 or ’90 and that is about it.
Somewhere along the child producing road I stopped listening to the radio or keeping up with these things. Not that I was ever a big music guru or anything, I never knew anything about up and coming bands or anything that wasn’t very mainstream, but I DID know what was in the charts.

There have been recent struggles to get back I did have a year of The Dixie Chicks, and have just enjoyed about a year of Carrie Underwood but that is about it . On the rare occasion I do buy a cd, it is usually of something I once had the record of and I am looking more to flog a dead memory than to appreciate fine tunes.

The irony is that I gave up all that fashion following, that pop culture knowing, that being ( or trying as the case may be) hip, to be a Mother,
to be a silly- song -singing, play-dough-making Mama and now those same children who thought Skidamarink 50 times a day was the height of great fun can’t quite believe how uncool and unhip and totally out of this millenium their mother is.
Teenage daughter lives for music station as I lived for Top Of The Pops back in the day. Having an older sister makes the younger kids know more,
so even my eight year old will eye-roll me for not knowing who Fergie or Pink or Gwen Stefani are, or any of the endless parade of identical J-Pop
idols that grace the screen.
When I first watched ‘Grease’ with my eldest I was telling her how me and my best friend Liz used watch Top Of Th Pops at her house, and how
“You’re The One That I Want” was one of the very first music videos ever
shown on TOTP, and how we used to kneel in front of the TV and kiss the screen we were so mad for John Travolta.
I thought, wrongly as it turns out, that she would see that I ‘got’ her, I too was once young and hip and into
pop music, we would be able to connect at a whole new level.

She said, “You mean that really old fat guy who got hit by lightning and got really clever?”
The look on he face suggested she had just eaten something obnoxious like perhaps, a homeless person’s sock or something.

I bet I am the only person on the planet who up until yesterday had never ever heard a Joss Stone song. I bet I am the only person on the planet who thought Joss Stone was an old man until yesterday.
I keep the same cd in the cd player for about a year at a time, the same cassette ( yes I still have cassettes) in the car for a year at a time and only really change them when my husband threatens to leave me if I don’t.
I am all about the easy listening, Billy Joel, Elton John, Abba.
so can’t blame the kids for that I suppose.

I did get a little kudos for not only knowing of, but actually having that James Blount CD before he appeared on music station, and I did know who Jon Bon Jovi was (but you would have to be a carmalite nun living in Ulan Bator to not) but when I explained the ‘Dorian Grey’ reference on James Blount’s cd , to said daughter, she didn’t believe me, said she looked it up on the internet and it is a colour of paint. So really what the fuck do I know?

So foraging for gum under the seat of the car yesterday I pulled out a cassette I did not quite recognise, in fact thought it might be my Norah Jones tape that went AWOL months ago. I put it in and it blew me away!!!
After I got over the initial , mmm this isn’t Norah Jones shock I was a convert, a dai fan, this is now officially the best song I have ever ever heard. ( Yes I am fickle could change tomorrow) .
I MUST get me some Joss Stone, and lots of it.

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