disgusting insect infestation

My daughter has nits. I heard from others at the beginning of summer that a lot of 3rd graders had it, but as nothing developed I thought we had escaped.
This morning however she said her head was itchy and I had a look and sure enough we have an infestation.
At the moment no one else has it, I am itchy but just thinking about it makes me itchy.
It is disgusting! Now maybe this is not the proper Mummy response when a child had lice but I have to say, it does not disgust me that tiny creatures are burrowing into my kid’s head, that unchecked they could lay a gazillion eggs a day, what disgusts me is;
It cost me 2,600 yen which is close to 30 bucks right? Someone? For a bottle containing 120ml ( of liquid gold?).
The instructions say to give 3 applications of 50mls each for shoulder length hair, so one bottle is not even pretending to be enough.
Obviously we have to get through the egg cycle so I bought 2 bottles.
If this spreads through the whole family we could actually go bankrupt over LICE!!! Okay that is an exaggeration, but I am sure whatever the killing ingredient is , it isn’t expensive.
Dear Man and I got lice in Malaysia once and we bought something for about 10 yen and that killed the bastards in one fell swoop.
( We also combed them out and set fire to them in an ashtry with zippo fluid, but I guess those days are gone!)

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