Behold a new keyboard!!

At last I have a new keyboard. The old one has been driving me nuts for the past two months. It was temperamental and hormonal I think, just worked as and when it wanted to, it would skip whole words or just take a dislike to a certain letter for a day. Sorry no E or e even for you today. Everything I tried to type required I go back over and over and over it to correct it, until in the end I could not even see where the typos were.
From here on in there will be no typos, or at least if there are they will all be down to my own trademark crappy workmanship, I can no longer blame them on the death throes of the keyboard.

So I have been driven mad by this and yet strangely enough all it took to rectify this stroke inducing problem, was 5 minutes in the car up to the leccy shop, 1,000 yen in hard earned cash and that was it.
It was neither difficult, nor expensive, or even time consuming. What on earth was I waiting for?

Only problem now is I have a Japanese keyboard and first a lot of the signs and stuff are on different keys, but that is do-able, but also a lot of the signs they have on the keys are not really on that key but on the next key, or the key below or as in the case of my apostrophe, nowhere to be found at all, so I will be reduced to writing, do not and cannot etc.

I know for a fact that at least one of my readers knows the pain of a lost apostrophe. Can she shed any light as to where exactly I might find
this lost and lonely lamb, wandering alone in the wilderness waiting for someone to bring him home?

2 thoughts on “Behold a new keyboard!!

  1. oh my gosh!!!! you changed your keyboard and your whole blog face changed. totally different look!!!!!

    damn. so neat and tidy!!!!!!!

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