Bee stings!!

No sooner had I told my friend that neither myself or any of my kids have ever been stung by a bee or wasp and Kevin comes home nursing his hand and saying he was stung at school.

It has been all in all a blah non moving day.
First I had to take the eldest , who I must say has been absolutely fab these days, too see the eye doctor as her left eye has been hurting for a few days and was swollen this morning.

We had to leave at 8.15, which seriously cut into the time I usually spend trawling forums that obsess about what happened to the little British girl who was abducted while on holiday, I wont mention her name so we don’t get the crazies visiting.

We arrive at the hospital but I had left the house in such a fog having not had my full quota of coffee and cigs, that I had left behind her hospital and insurance cards.

As she hadn’t been to that hospital for over a year we would have to re-new our ‘membership’ for 500 yen, only in Japan can you get charged for not getting sick! As we did not have the insurance card we would have to pay full whack which they would reimburse 2-3 months after we show a card. I pointed out that I was at that very same hospital just last friday with my younger daughter and her bogus fake suspected appendicitis, and so the insurance details were current on the computer. But no.

So we decided to nix it this morning I would go home, locate missing items and wait for water heater fixer guy to show around 11.
At 1 I will go and have my haircut, at 4 I will go swimming with the kids then at 6 I will take daughter to the hospital before she goes blind.

I dropped child at school, she is disappointed that she wont be missing maths today after all. I went home, water heater guy phoned to say he wont be coming till 1, so I cancelled my haircut and had a chat with my friend who is my default person for all matters related to fish or quilting.

Then I decided I would take it easy and watch a dvd, but my region free player wouldn’t work, so I watched Discovery channel, brilliant programme about Jesus being born on April 17th and how we know that, and the mage from the East and why Frankincense and Myrrh are more valuable then gold, riveting stuff.

Then the boy came home with the bee sting and refused to go swimming on account of the dibilitating pain he is, pain that he feels could be better eased with an hour on the DS ??. So if doesn’t go I can’t go.

There is not a mark on his hand but he gave a very vivid desciption of how it all went down and the school nurse phoned a few minutes ago to tell me she had iced it, so I guess we know he isn’t allergic.

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