They Got Me!

The blighters, by which I mean my adorable off spring got me and got me good.
They came home from school, skipping and jumping and full of joy, even Kev was in a good mood, which led to a delaying of homework.

Hi jinks and frivolity soon ensued and before you knew it someone had shreddies on their head. All good games involve someone wearing someone’s undies on their head. They tried to catch me and got Roo’s knickers on my head just minutes before we had to go out to swimming.
As I was only going to be in the car dropping them off I pretended to be unfazed by the knickers on my head. Indeed they were a nice pale blue
pair with woodland animals upon them, quite spiffy I thought.

So off we went with the kids low in their seats in case we saw anyone we know on the way, trying to stifle their giggles, but I kept up with my ‘what? what? what’s wrong with knickers on the head?’ face.

As we got near the pool I saw my friend’s car pull into the same car park I was going to use so i said to them, ‘ Oh look their’s Mrs K’s car, I’ll say Hello’,
So I pull in 2 cars away from her, first the passenger door opens and out gets her daughter so I wave and my kids giggle, then Mrs K’s door opens, she’ll be cool, she is young and fab and always game for a laugh, so I am almost gigling myself now in anticipation…

shoot and shit, it isn’t Mrs K, friend and fellow comedienn, it is MR K, young, hot,uber fashionable, cuts my hair.

Oh how the kidlets laughed as I tried to pull the knickers from my head and straighten up my hair…….

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