Back from the Wilderness.

Today my younger daughter returned from her 3 days in the hinterland.
She went on a school trip to experience ‘nature’s classroom’.
Every 5th grader in our prefecture takes the same trip.

I was not surprised I missed her, I was surpised by just how much I missed her.

She is almost always good humoured, friendly, happy to help.
In fact she has been helping out so much recently I thought maybe someone was circulating a rumour that we have to let one of the kids go and she was trying to make herself indespensible.

I actually had to take her to one side and explain that if indeed push did come to shove and someone had to be let go, there was no way on God’s Green Earth it was going to be her , and she should put the ironing board away and put her feet up for a bit.

So it seems the trip was most enjoyable. 3 days in the hinterlands of Nara, seeing how plants grow, checking out trees, looking for birds and other wildlife etc, all so they, the young impressionable minds can learn how important the natural world is and why we must do everything we can to protect it. Fabulous stuff!
Excellent project, though it does bother me that they had to take a packed lunch on the first day using a disposable plastic lunchbox and throwaway chopsticks.
157 children from our school alone , there are at least
10 or 12 schools in our small town, so who knows how many there are in the entire prefecture (well I suppose the Board of Education probably knows),
So really we are looking at a whole big heap of unnecessary plastics and chopsticks being taken to ‘Nature’s Classroom’.
When her older sister went 4 years ago, I did mention that the disposable thing didn’t really gell with the essence of the project, of course I was largely ignored, because I was labelled a pain in the arse way back at the dawn of time, so they don’t have to listen to me.

I am grateful for small mercies though. When the sister went , they actually cut down a tree and sliced it up and everyone got to bring a slice home with them. In talking of protecting our environment I am not sure chopping down trees is actually a step in the right direction. Kids from all over nara coming home with a slice of tree and Mother’s all over Nara spending the next month screaming,

” Can you pick your tree up off the living room floor pleeeese!”

They didn’t do it this time though.
Maybe they ran out of trees.

I wonder what ‘Mother’ thinks of it all.

Not best pleased I am sure.

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