My Fabulous Cousin

Thank you to my Fave Cousin! She is the best. I don’t say that lightly I have a lot of cousins, many of them are fab, well maybe a few of them are.
Here’s what My Fave Cousin did, she took time out of her busy day to send me a parcel of snacks from the UK. Not just any snacks, but super sweets and TWIGLETS.
There are only two really fantastic foods in this world. One is TWIGLETS and the other is Heinz Tomato Soup.
So to get TWIGLETS, when I really was not expecting any, to just come home after a gruelling morning with bad tempered kids, pouring rain and work all afternoon, it was the greatest gift EVER. Manna from heaven.
So thanks you, you Fab cousin you.
Hope I see you soon.

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