I Don’t Rock.

Turns out I was wrong.
I don’t rock.
I invoked Benny and Bjorn wrongly and I apologise to them.
They still rock better than me.

So when she said Dracular she meant a Mummy, wrapping rags around a body is way harder than it looks. the event was planned for 8.00pm.
why? I do not know, seems I no longer need to be kept in the loop, I am on a need to know basis now.

She wanted the rag wrapping to commence at 6pm, I thought this would just mean a re-wrap at 6.30 and then again at 7.00, at 7.30 etc.
This time I was right.

When he said Harry Potter he meant Harry Potter dressed as Dracula, so a cape had to be found/created/woven from thin air.
I found/created/wove one from thin air and artfully attached it to the Gryffindor shirt with a couple of huge paper clips. I figure it’s dark anyway.
Turns out when Jim said ‘ghost’ he meant dracular, regular Dracular, not Harry Potter/Dracular or Brittany Spears /Dracular. Something went wrong though and he kind of came out as Camp Dracular, ‘camp’ as in ‘camp as a bottle of chips’.

I will rock harder tomorrow.

Camp Dracular and his friends

11 thoughts on “I Don’t Rock.

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  2. You Rock – they look fantastic! Jim’s hair is awesome. Kevin’s lack of front teeth goes well with Harry the Drac. The glasses really cinch him as Harry Potter, no doubt.

    The big question remains, did the neighbours cooperate with the trick or treaters as per the mummy’s directive?????

    I think this pic is almost as good as Spy Kids.

  3. They did indeed Jacadamia. They came back with absolutely shedloads of stuff. They had a really good time.
    The Mummy’s friend went too, and they got candy from her house. Later her mother called to thank me (?) and apologised for not giving much and said she didn’t really know what she was supposed to do.
    I said me neither LOL, and we decided next year to co ordinate something with other kids that live in that big block next to my house.
    so all in all a roaring success, although, note to self, next year don’t make Dracula’s red eyes with llipstick!

  4. i love these costumes, especially the skillfully wrapped piece that comes forth from the back over the groin area and is gently tucked in at the chest! fundoshi inspired?? man, you are all scary as all get0out!

    (i have signed into this blog a million times –forget user id or passport every single time00 so you may think i am having an identity crisis)

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  6. can you get me a pair of those luminescent glasses as well…have been wanting to change my image a bit anyhow. what with the new hairdo and the glasses, people just won’t recognize the new me.

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