I Rock !

I rock, I really do, I rock harder than ABBA . Harder than ABBA on a big rocking night.

So the chicklets return from the institution of learning early for some reason or other. Not sure I did not get to read the letter but they finished early and were back by 2pm. They asked if they could play outside, I said,
“Of course you can my sweet things, go frollick in the sunshine, breathe in our fresh mountain air”.
Just before the door set off the cowbell, someone said.
” Did you make the stuff?”

“What stuff ?”

” The Halloween stuff”

” what halloween stuff?”

” Ya know, costumes and candy and stuff.”

What more do these kids want from me, I have made them dinner practically everyday this week, I have sewn badges on swimming hats,
will they bleed me dry šŸ˜‰

I have to tell you here that anything my kids know about Halloween they learned in Japan, at school or from ads or somewhere, but not from me. As a child we didn’t do Halloween that I remember ( maybe it was just really scary one year and I blacked it out I dunno), probably because we have a far more exciting events in autumn, why on November 5th for example we have Bonfire Night. This involves about a week of annoucements and re-enactments of kids getting their eyes taken out or their hands blown off by fireworks and how we must be very careful and don’t throw fireworks in the street and run away and never never stick a sparkler up a dog’s bum, they don’t like it etc. The Grand Finale is the town bonfire where we all come close to freezing to death while burning our mouths on hot chocolate, the we chuck a guy into the flames and watch him burn.
Great British Fun!
So my kids are into Halloween via Japan..mmm….interesting. So anyway daughter tells me they are going Trick or Treating, I say,
‘ But my love, my dear sweet child, no one knows about it so no one will know whats going on , there will be no candy”.

She said basically, ” I beg to differ Mama, I went around the neighbourhood weeks ago and asked them to prepare a little something for us, in exchange for us banging on their door while they are having dinner. So can you make some costumes and get some candy and stuff.

Lucky she said please. So I had to dash post haste and get to the 100 yen shop and find some kind of usable gubbins.

I don’t turn right. Not if it is at all avoidable, I don’t drive unknown routes. I do not conquer new frontiers by car. So today I was in a quandry as I set off for the shop, the new road they have been building for months opened today and threw me all sorts of curve balls, ( I am getting so American with the ‘pants’ and now the baseball terminology).
But I just stayed calm, sang along with Bette Midler.
There was a gnarly moment where I had to change lanes, but I managed it by checking the other lane in my mirror , indicating and maneovering, much like they taught me on my test all those years ago.

So Kevin is of course going as Harry Potter, luckily I bought a polo shirt in Gryffindor colours at ‘ The ____’ the shop – that – must – not – be -named, just the other day. Jim wants to be a ghost, so lets say goodbye to that old futon cover shall we. Daughter is going to be a vampire because I have black fabric and the fake teeth.

Lets see how it goes.
On my way back I popped into the home centre for laminating paper and bought a ficus.
It was sad sad sad, they were playing Christmas Carols.!!

4 thoughts on “I Rock !

  1. Jingle Bells Jingle Bells MissBehavin’s Swell
    Oh what fun it is to have a 100 yen shop nearby
    So everything turns out well.

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  4. putting the cart before the bull…don’t count your chickens till the eggs have hatched….. don’t poke your finger on the sewing needle…

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