House Cracks

Love HOUSE, love it. Wednesday at 9pm is the best time of the week. I dash out at 8.50 to pick up darling daughter and there we are 9pm, glued to the screen waiting on tenterhooks for the rapid wit and ready repartee of Gregory House.

I am going to list some recent fabulous funnies. Please feel free to add your own.
For my international readership please bear in mind we in Japan are only on Season 2, so if somewhere down the line, House and Wilson get it on, or Cameron, Chase and Cuddy are in a three-way tryst twist, don’t tell us!!

The Fab 3
We have rectal bleeding.

What all of you?

He has a bullet in his head.

He was shot?

No someone threw it at him.

You wanna biopsy Foreman’s brain?

Come on! doesn’t everyone.

3 thoughts on “House Cracks

  1. I haven’t watched it yet, I ‘ve been too busy uber-blogging. I taped it, maybe have time to watch it tomorrow.

    Rectal bleeding was the best!

    And I loved the quip by Cameron about Chase in bed (quick) I forget the words, remind us Miss Behaving.

  2. I would wonder about the suitability of this kind of programming for children. perhaps the inclusion of “rectal” matters might be too sensitive.

    it seems to me that the subject matter might also be a bit “immoral” and not recognized as appropriate.

    Might I suggest that you read your children a nice bedtime story and keep the smut for yourself .

    I wonder if I can catch some of this entertainment on youtube…

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