I thought we would maybe get an ENT free winter, after spending 2 nights a week for over 2 years Jim had the all clear, his hearing was restored, his speech much improved but yesterday he said his ear hurt and he was crying. I gave him a kampo painkiller that helped him sleep
and took him in this morning and it appears the water is once more pooling and the doc said this winter will probably be more of the same.

He suggested we do the ear drum cut again and drain as much out right now as we can ( by we I mean HIM of course) see if we can’t nip it in the bud.

So Jim lies down on the bed and the nurse put an aneasthetic in to drip down for 10 mins.
I was able then for the first time in a long while, able to take a moment out of my busy day and see my son’s head and hair up close and personal, so close and so personally was I able to view things I discovered he has the INFESTATION his sister had in the summer.

So, kidney sold, shampoo bought, and without getting his ears wet gave him the first wash, I did my own as well cos just the thought of them makes me itch. Lucky we both have crew cuts!!

2 thoughts on “BACK TO ENT

  1. oh my god that is awful.
    last week a print-o came home from school with news of infestation at the school.

    oh oh . my head is starting to itch!!!!

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