House Cracks#2

Well looks like Foreman made it through the disease, whatever it turned out to be, I really couldn’t follow it. I don’t know if it was silly convoluted episode, or too clever for me, or if my brain just cannot manage a double episode of the same story, I like things tied up nicely in a one hour deal. Crime, hunt, catch, disease, hunt,cure.

But what’s wrong now, he doesn’t know left from right, neither do I most of the time am I sick? Did I have a white matter brain biopsy inbetween work and parent teacher meetings?

There was not much humour to be had in the last episode, let’s hope tonight has more on offer.

2 thoughts on “House Cracks#2

  1. Well it was a bit disappointing but I saw a glimmer of something there with House and Cuddy? That fine line between love and hate?

    I’ve just spent half an hour trying to work out who the wife was this week (kara) I thought it was Anna Paquin but it wasn’t.

    The lesbian couple from the other week? The partner was off ER, the sassy doc who gets together with your fave three-nippled red head Morris.

    I think we have only a couple of episodes of House left this season. Just preparing you.

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