Customer Reviews.

How useful are they?

Roaming around looking for a new laptop, I am a mass of indecision.
I want something, easy to use, not too expensive, that will last a good few years. Nothing too fancy. It would surprise you all to know that I am not techno-savvy, if you see anything vaguely techno-clever on this page my 7 year old son probably did it for me.

Case in point, Kevin asked me recently why I move up and down a page by endlessly clicking my curser at the bottom of the scroll bar like a mad woman, he went on to show me a
magic trick of pressing the button in the middle of the mouse and then casually moving the page up and down. It was quite a life changing moment. I had never even pressed that button before, did not know one could.

So in my search for something, easy to use, inexpensive and likely to last a while I decided to check out the customer reviews. Read the wisdom of those who have gone before.
I would make a decision based on what real people, who paid their real cash dollars think about the machine, now they they have it up and running in all their glory.

Review #1 from John in Nantucket.
No regrets whatsoever, I hooked mine up to an external zip
1920×1200 Resolution, DX10, RAID, and Santa Rosa are all combined for a relatively cheap price.
59Hz refresh rate on the monitor prevents many games from playing including Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2.

It then said:
Was this review useful to you?
No! To be totally honest it was not, it failed in it’s mission to be of use.

George from Nebraska wrote

X-Fi Xtreme Audio Notebook does nothing for games over the built in audio. I bought the notebook with this product and when I plugged in a CRT to test how this audio card works, I was disappointed in finding out that there is no difference in using onboard audio, X-Fi without Alchemy, and X-Fi with Alchemy. This was tested in Windows Vista of course. I was always limited to Hardware audio and High audio settings.
I installed OpenSuSE 10.2 on the system and everything worked out of the shoots except the wireless network device. With a little hacking I got it working. Processor performance is good at 7 TFlops for a single dual core AMD Turion. I love the high resolution (1900×1200) though I could do without the glossy display.

Was this review useful to you?
It was not. It was of absolutely no bloody use whatsoever. without translation software I cannot read it. I do not know what the above means.

Nancy from Boston.
I couldn’t decide between the pink and the red, on screen the red looks very red, , dark red even and the pink looks pale, but I have seen both in real life and the red is actually a kind of magenta red but the pinky is rather pale.

Was this review useful to you?
YES! Yes it was, this is exactly the information I was looking for before I threw down my cash.
Thank you Nancy for your candour.

2 thoughts on “Customer Reviews.

  1. I am think the magenta right now. There is a green too, but it is rather metallicky, maybe I should contact Nancy in Bostin and find out if she has seen the green up close and personal.
    You can also do something weird where you can have the lid anything like a photo of your family or whatever can be used.
    ( The school logo ka na?)

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