Thankyou Patricia Wettig

Thankyou Patricia Wetting for 20 years of fabulousness.
It is great to see her again in ‘Brothers and Sisters’, looking for all the world like she has NOT had any work done on her face, looking her age and beautiful with it.
She is great actress, and it is good to see her again with a meaty
challenging part to play.
I first loved Patricia way back in the day in “Thirty Something”, truly some of the best TV ever produced.
“Thirty Something” was the first show to reveal a grittiness to life, to scratch the surface of what seemed outwardly to be perfect peoples’, perfect lives. We were with Nancy through the loathesome Elliot’s infidelity and her cancer. The famous ansafone message ellen imagines,
” we can’t ansa/Nancy has cancer”.
My friend Elle and I watched it faithfully, and even when I left for two years to travel the world, my dear friend taped it for me.
I don’t think either of us ever fully recovered from Gary dying.

And now here is Patricia, back on our screens in a gutsy, sexy, strong woman role, of course she is in Prison break too and was in Alias for a while, but the role of Holly in “Brother’s and Sisters” is quintessential Patricia Wettig . the rest of the cast are outstanding too, Sally Field Calista Flockhart , Rachel Griffiths, all powerhouse lead actress calibre gals and a host of hot men whose names I don’t know.
This show is compulsive viewing and has even eased the blow of no LOST on a Sunday night for a while.
Go Patricia!!!

2 thoughts on “Thankyou Patricia Wettig

  1. NOW I know why I have had 30 something on my mind lately. I would never have pin pointed where it came from. Yes it was so great that show. I was only a teen myself when it was on and now I am a thirty something, does my life measure up? Theirs always looked so idyllic despite the hardships.

    She does look gorgeous.

    B&S is fantastic so far. Yaye Sunday nights are restored.

    And yes those guys are HOT. And all the powerhouse women are beautiful. And the house is to die for.


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