The One about The Parking Ticket.

I am really cold, though looking at photos of the weather on other people’s blogs makes me think there are colder places on Earth right now, and I am glad not to be in any of them.
The price of kerosene is through the roof, double what it was a few years back, I hate to use the electric wall heater giving Kansaidenroku too much of my hard earned cash, the look of a wood burning stove is great, but can I burn the trees? Probably not, so how to keep warm, in an inexpensive, eco friendly way?
The Man suggested running up and down the road a few times, a suggestion I did not respond well to.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I got a parking ticket yesterday, which annoyed me no end because the place where I illegally parked for about 7 minutes really isn’t in anyones way, and up around the station there are so many cars illegally parked and double parked the buses can’t even get through, but they didn’t get booked. It annoys me because I thought the police in my one horse town KNEW I am above the law, that I make up my own as I go along;) and also I am annoyed because which ever way I try to look at it, there was a big fat No Parking sign where I parked, and so it is all my own damn fault that I will have to pay 15,000 yen for 7 minutes of stupidity, and then when I have to renew my licence I will have to sit through the highway code video again for 2 hours AND I will be relegated to the 3 year licence having reached the dizzy heights of a 5 year one.
A driving demotion.
I had been for a chat with my daughter’s cram school teacher, he came out in my defence, trying to insist that the traffic warden cancel the ticket. He got quite irrate on behalf which was quite sweet of him to a point, but considering that he is the tiniest of guys, comes up to my naval
and I am not tall, and he was holding his tiny weeny pet chiuiahua, that was wearing a little pink fur outfit, in his arms, and attempting to be commanding, I think the traffic warden, who happened to be a woman, twice his height seemed to actually be stifiling a giggle at one point.

As comical as it appeared however, I was struck by the thought that if he were a bigger guy, his actions would be threatening, he was waving his hand in her face ( on tiptoes) , and she was just doing her job, so one the one hand I was hoping he could persuade her to cancel the ticket, on the other hand in principle his behaviour was out of line, causing me to spend the rest of the day contemplating the situation and wondering if I should track her down and apologise. It all has me confused.
Now here I am cold and confused.
Wonder what the new day will bring.

5 thoughts on “The One about The Parking Ticket.

  1. Go to Kohnan and get yourself a pair of “magic pants”! They slip on over your jeans and are INSTANTLY warming. They make you look at least two sizes fatter, but I don’t care and am living in mine 24/7 this winter 😉

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