The One About The Unicycle

A lot of the stuff my kids do I am impressed with but at the same time I kind of assume that they will be able to do it, like tie their shoelaces, grout the tiles in the bathroom, change the oil in the car, get a souffle to rise etc, , probably because I remember learning to do these things and I can do them myself, but the unicycle is different, I can’t do it, so I can’t offer much in the way of advice other than
“be careful ”
and I don’t know that they’ll get it.
So, Kevin mastering it really impressed me, that and he is not the most coordinated of kids, but he wanted to do this, and he stayed outside all day practicing and he fell of a gazillion times and he never gave up, and he never got angry ( his default response to difficult situations) he just climbed back on the proverbial horse.
Snaps for Kevin.

nearly there
I got no teeth but I did it.

3 thoughts on “The One About The Unicycle

  1. That is simply AMAZING!!! Good for Kevin!
    All the same, I won’t show this to my 7 year old because I’m afraid he might ask for a unicycle too – he isn’t nearly as coordinated as Kevin!

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