What is Christmas?

and Yay! I have been tagged by the lovely Flaming Nora

when people say ‘Christmas’
you immediately think…

lashings of excess.

Favourite Christmas memory

When I was 11 years old I wanted a guitar. My Mum told me it was way beyond the budget. My brother and I found a guitar book and a plectrum in the flatley dryer. Somehow Mum knew we had found them and she spent a long time convincing me that things were tight, the guitar wasn’t happening and the book and the plectrum were a step in the right direction, and if I kept up the lessons they would try and get me one next year. I totally believed her, I was beyond shocked the next morning when I got my guitar.

Favourite Christmas ornament/object
A card my son made 2 years ago.

Plans for Christmas
Flapping about getting things ready, then hanging out with the family, playing Monopoly and Jenga,
enjoying the spirit of Christmas and watching some good films.
Oh and lets not forget food glorious food.

Is christmas your favourite holiday?
it is probably my favourite of the holidays available, but not my favourite time per se.

Happy Hols.

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