Catch Up

Well I have been slack slack slack on keepig this up to date, but I do have a good excuse! COLD CASE. They, the powers that be, they who make the big decisions that affect my life, the TV programme sceduling chaps and chapettes, decided to re run Cold Case Season 1, 3 episdes a night, evey night, from 10pm until 1a.m. and my crush on Rush means I must stay up and watch them.
Lily Rush Rocks! She is gorgeous and smart and funny and wears these little power suits and I want one.
As everyone who knows me knows, I am a bit of a crime show addict, I do watch a lot of them and of the better ones each has it’s own merits, but I think this is the only show where the central character is a woman, all the others have either a male lead or a male/female partnering situation with the
under the surface, never comes to fruition sexual tension thing going on.
None of that in Cold Case.
The ‘cold case’ is retold in flashback with music of that time, so we get to hear blast from the past hits too.
Must See TV in my book, and though the scheduling of programmes on AXN here in the Land of the Rising Sun, often make no sense whatsoever, I am keeping everything crossed that season 2 in going to be on very soon.
SO Go Lily!

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