Miracle In The Andes

I have long since had a bit of an obsession about the plane crash in the Andes back in the 70s. I saw the film ‘Alive’ when it first came out, then read the book by Piers Paul Reid ( about 50 times). I don’t know what it was/is about this event that gripped me so much but I know that however many times I read the book I couldn’t quite get to the end of the story.

Now,I feel I am at the end, that perhaps I can let go and move onto obsessing about something else, like what happened to Madelne McCann or something.

Miracle In The Andes, is by Nando ( Fernando) Parrado, one of the two who walked down the treacherous mountain into Chile and saving 13 other boys still trapped on the mountain with nothing but their dead friends to eat to stay alive.

This is so much more than a ‘triumph over adversity’ story, this is an account of one man’s ( then just a very young man) personal relationship with God and how that relationship became the foundation of how he consciously lives his life.
Raised in a Catholic environment, his telling of his story shows how he reconciled his religious beliefs with his spiritual experience in the frigid mountain.

This book is an absolute ‘must read’ for anyone interested in spirituality.
The over riding message is that all there is , is love, move towards love,
which is exactly what Neale Donald Walsch has to say in ‘Conversations With God’. ( another ‘must read’)

Even the Beatles said it..
” All you need is love….”

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