More Lily Rush

So I stayed up way past my bedtime last night watching “The Contender”.
A great film, I saw it years ago, great story, great cast. Joan Allen is the nominee for VP of the U.S of A. Jeff Bridges the Prez, Gary Oldman is outstanding as Sheldon Runyon head of something or other who is trying to stop Joanie being VP. William Petersen, Saul Rubinek, Christian Slater, Sam Elliot, everyone is in it, and there hidden behind big glasses and a dorky hairdo, as they tied to frump her down, is Lily, gorgeous Lily Rush ( Katherine Morris), they did not hide those perfect teeth, the crinkly smile, she could not help but shine through!
If I ever have another child I think I will call it Lily Rush, whatever the gender.
Go Lily!
Aside from Lily, The Contender is an excellent film, well worth watching. Even though the kids went back to school this morning, which means getting up at 6.30 a.m. instead of 10.30, and I feel like I had five minutes of sleep, it was time well spent.
Joanie says something near the end like,
“Principles only mean something if you stand by them when it is inconvenient”
Mmmm food for thought.

One thought on “More Lily Rush

  1. I have always been a follower of the Groucho Marx school of philosophy when it comes to principles…

    ” Those are my principles, if you don’t like them…….I have others”

    not really…honest… I am highly principled 😉

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