Are They All Really From The Same Womb?

So last nght Kev had a bit of a temperature, and he was worried about going to school today because he can’t find his lunch apron and I refused to run out at 9pm last night and buy him a new one. So I fully expected some fake fever this morning, but the little lamb was up and dressed, ate his breakfast no problem, didn’t argue about contents of breakfast or speed at which it was delivered.
After a brief knife throwing incident he was out the door at 7.25, I even got a kiss.

Jim woke up soaking wet, he claims it was “sweat!”
Yeah right, sweat is a BIG problem in our ricketty old ice cube house, up the mountain, with no central heating or double glazing or indeed even windows that still fit the jambs properly.
Yeah me too, sweat A LOT at night in January.
He never ever wets the bed never has done, so don’t know why he picked a night he was in MY BED to start. He left a tad grumpy, he did not care for the morning menu. He wore a thick electric blue tracksuit, the kind worn on Everest , with a sky blue 100 % down jacket on the top.( Hope it doesn’t make him all sweaty). No kiss.

Doris appears in shorts and a running shirt. I casually mention the time of year, our location, the frigid outdoor conditions. She said.
” I’m hot”. Okey Dokey. No kiss there either.

Eldest cannot be moved from her bed, is apparently considering ‘not going in today’. Why?
Because they are “not really doing anything today”
Anything except preparing for High School entrance exams a few short weeks away I guess. Forcibly removed her from bed, so not expecting farewell kiss there either. She needs to leave 10 minutes ago but is at this moment washing her hair.

So they have gone, gone to have their little minds expanded, to discover the joys of the 9 times table, to immerse themselves in the inner workings of the sewing machine (?) and me, myself and I, we shall either run around like a whirling dervish, cleaning, folding, organising, sorting and generally becoming the kind of person we would like to be, or we will sit on the sofa all day and watch back to back epsiodes of ‘The Amazing Race’.
Still undecided.

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