Never a Dull Sunday

The boys were watching Sentochihiro on the portable dvd player, wrapped up together in a blanket, looking to all the world like brothers enjoying the same activity at the same time, sharing an actual moment if you will.
I should have taken a photo.

I am trying to catch up on Celebrity Apprentice, I am already 3 episodes behind, when the call comes out for hot chocolate.
Indeed, yes it is a hot chocolate type day, if that’s what they want then that’s what they shall have, I will be the need -fulfilling Mama today.
Easy as pie.
Shoot, not enough milk. I break the news gently to the tinies and say I will soon get dressed and go out and buy more.
Kevin leaps up and says he wants to go, he wants to walk down the hill and buy the milk. Kev volunteering to do something is so unusual I felt I had to let him go.
So I got him ready, with his big jacket on, the money in a purse around his neck , my mobile in his pocket and and the faithful eco-bag on his shoulder.
I tried to persuade him to take his rucksack but he said with the eco-bag everyone would know he had gone shopping, with the rucksack people would think he was just coming back from a sporting event.
Off he ran, clearly expecting the streets to be thronging with folks wondering what he was doing.
Off I went to the kitchen to check and see if we even had any cocoa powder. We did. Phew, things could have got unpleasant.

Fifteen minutes later the phone rang. I knew it would be him, I knew he would have to use the phone just because he could.
So I was rather sick to the stomach surprised when a voice said,
This is the police station
Maybe its just me, but this kind of thing makes me want to throw up, it turns my hair instantly white, it makes my hands shake.
Turns out, Kev, bless his little heart, found 10 yen ( yes 10 yen, not even 100 yen) in the street and took it upon himself to take it and hand it in to the police.
The police made a big fuss of him and one of them gave him 20 yen pocket money.
I went to pick him up and it was the same policeman who had helped us find Jim hiding in the supermarket toilet on that other day when my hair changed colour and my stomach turned.

So all is well, he is an honest and resourceful kid. Tis good.
My hands will stop shaking soon;)

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