Heath Ledger Rest In Peace

I am shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden death of Heath.
We are big Heath fans in this house. I am as shocked as I was when he suddenly killed himself in Monster’s Ball, I didn’t see it coming at all.
I loved him in ‘The Patriot’, ‘Monster’s Ball ‘and ‘Brokeback Mountain’, but most of all, we in this house, loved him in ’10 Things I Hate About You’.

I saw him once in an interview and it seemed that he wasn’t too proud of ’10 Things’, he should have been. It didn’t get nominated for any awards, but it is pure entertainment, good entertainment and with entertainment like that, you’ll understand why I despise ‘High School Musical’ .
In ’10 Things’ he was the cool loner, he kept himself to himself so legends grew around him.
My daughters and I have seen it dozens of times, we even went out and bought the CD. Our favourite part is when he sings to Julia Stiles from the stands.
We built ‘stands’ using the back of the sofa, the seat of the sofa, the coffee table and the floor, and we practiced stepping down it all, singing,
” You’re too good to be true,
can’t take my eyes of of you…..
I love you ba-by and if it’s quite alright, I’ll love you ba-by…” into a spaghetti ferkler.
Many a good time was had. He kind of reminded me, partly Heath and partly the character, of a guy I knew in school, who kissed me once in social studies, I think it was the highlight of 5 years in that school.
So Heath, you will much missed by us over here, much much too young to die.
Rest In Peace

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