More Law of Attraction

I works, it is the biz, it really bloody works.
Law of Attraction, I love this stuff.
I have been working it, made my vision board, did the visualising and low and behold, we went to see a house yesterday, it s exactly what we want and even though we only went to see it for the sheer Hell of it, nothing else going on on a Sunday morning, two hours later we had made an offer and our house was on the market.

The Man was clearly smitten too from the beginning. It doesn’t need any work,it is in our price range,( i.e. affordable if we have till we are 80 to pay it off) doesn’t need any money spent on it, it is good as. There is a big garden and the kids frolicked with the current owners’ dog.

Kevin had a bit of a meltdown when he realised the dog doesn’t come with the house and before you know it, The Man has promised them one if we buy the house.
Before we knew it the kids were picking out bedrooms and arguing over who’s turn it was to walk the dog we haven’t got yet.

So all being well we can sell this place cos this city is teemin with folks who want to buy an old broken down, roof leaking, floor collapsing mountain dwelling, and be tucked ito our new abode by Golden Week. The beauty of this plan means I will have avoided an enormous and ultimately pointless clean up before my cousins arrive in August.

11 thoughts on “More Law of Attraction

  1. i’d buy up your place in a minute!! what are you asking for that? he-he

    did you want me to condense all my responses so that it doesn’t look like you are getting so many readers when you really aren’t?

  2. somehow this reminds me of the day you saved my life on the road coming down from your house. I flew out into the street but you were there to lift me up.

    i need some real shoes, don’t i….?

  3. What method or book etc. did you use to set up your Law of Attraction visualizations and vision board? I have been studying Dr. Judith Orloff and reading her book called Positive Energy. It has been doing wonders for me.

  4. The law of attraction is a wonderful thing. A great audio book I have just finished listening to, which incorporates the law of attraction is Positive Energy. The author is and intuitive healer and a psychiatrist who has coined the term “Energy Psychiatry.”

  5. Thanks for your comment. I will look into that book.
    I have been using a few different things. I first started the vision board through a forum that was ‘ treasure Mapping’, looking around the internet I saw there are many different layouts, so I just made a collage of everything without mapping out specific areas.
    Other influences are The Secret and Conversations With God 1.

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