A Potential Buyer!

So I am thinking that my leisurely day spent watching ‘Law and Order Special Victims Unit’ may have been better spent, cleaning up a little, perhaps removing some of the welington boots, soccer balls, skipping ropes and spoons from the floor of the genkan.
I have tried removing the spoons before but Jim is saving them for something.
I am also loathe to let go of the soccer balls and skipping ropes cos it seems that is what we got in exchange for hi-fi equipment that works.

Our first potential buyer is coming round in the morning so I have to get out the rubber gloves and get scrubbing I think.
I called a friend who is relatively nearby ( 90 mins), to protect her anonymity lets call her Jocqui shall we, and said,
‘Hey woman, get your arse over here with your gallon jug of Mr Clean and a super sponge and your fancy rich bitch Dyson and help out”.
But she laughed in my face.
See who’s laughing come summer and she wants to stay at my mountain spa and retreat!!!

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