Snow Country.

Brilliant day yesterday, snow and loads of it, impossible to get the car out, had to cancel work, hiked down to the supermarket with the chicklets.
Kevin was away at a sleep-over and Sunshine was sitting an exam so I just had the ‘easier’ ones with me, so we had a blast. My kids have seen snow a few times but never this much. By lunchtime we had 30cms and it snowed all day, so they could slide and sledge and build snowmen and igloos, and it was sunny and bright. We made it down in one piece and saw 4 or 5 cars stuck on the road where they had foolishly thought the laws of nature wont apply to them.
we rented some dvds, had some lunch, shopped for dinner, got Kevin and then climbed back up.
Not a cold weather person at all but I found it to be very invigorating and refreshing. I was so refreshed in fact I felt up to the task of lying on the sofa for an hour watching a random episode of ’24’, it was the one where if Jack Bauer, were indeed human he would be dead, but his cell phone battery would live on a thousand more years, still capable of reading satelite transmisions from outer space yet apparently incapable of copying an audio tape that will save the known world.
The snow also brought relief from potential buyers coming, if we can’t drive down then no one can drive up, freeing us from the burden of having to keep our house in a constant state of tidiness, when actually we have a hard time keeping it in a sometime state of ‘doesn’t look like we have just been burgled’. We employed a trick we did not learn from Martha, of shoving everything on a work surface, the floor or a chair into the nearest available cupboard or drawer. As we did that with all the stuff last weekend and now all drawers and cupboards are working at maximum capacity, we are in a bit of a bind as to how to clear up next.
Kev came back his gloves soaking so I used another non Martha trick of drying them, by turning them inside out and lying them on the tray from the toaster oven on top of the stove. I can guarantee THIS DOES NOT WORK, this trick will burn the delicate nylon lining of the gloves, leaving a burnt plastic hand print on the tray from your toaster oven. Put them in the dryer, buy new gloves, send the kid out gloveless, but DO NOT put gloves on stove top. ( you heard it here first!).
There is re-run of ‘Tru Calling’ on next with my name on so I will ponder my many dilemmas later.

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