Well we have been waiting on tenterhooks for our friend whom I will call Uncle Brick, to return from Vancouver with Kevin’s birthday present.
He promised the Harry Potter Scene It game for our resident Harry Potter expert. The promise was delivered yesterday.

We are having the grand opening tonight after dinner, so I thought I would let them get some practice in first and I threw out some test questions.

Question 1 ( which I made up).

What is the name of Ron’s rat?

KEVIN; What’s a rat?
ME; Kuronezumi.
KEVIN; ( sucking in breath) Ummm Ummm Ummm…
DORIS; I know, I know.
ME; Hang on a second, give Kev and Jim a chance.
KEVIN; Give us a clue, what does it start with?
DORIS; Scah!
KEVIN; Scah, Scah, Scah??????
JIM; What does it end with?
DORIS; ‘z’ ( the sound)
JIM; Well that doesn’t help, its an animal right? All animals end with ‘z’. Dogs, cats, zebras, gorillas.

I think its going to be a long game, considering the questions are way more difficult than that, more like,

When Harry tied his shoes laces in Prisoner of Azkerban, did he tie the left or the right first?????

I predict tears before bedtime.
But all good family fun. We never got through a game of Monopoly without
someone ( maybe me) crying.

Lucky us, Uncle Brick brought me Scene It FRIENDS!!!

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