More Harry.

Not Debbie, though I have been enjoying a little Heart Of Glass again recently.
The Harry Potter game was a roaring success, sort of! I had to tweak the rules a little to stop Kevin from having a total and utter meltdown.
Turns out that though Kev can memorise endless lines of dialogue, he can’t really remember anything relevent, meanwhile, who knew Jim was some kind of Harry Potter idiot savant.

So the game allows for the long version or the quick version, so of course I persuaded them that the quick version would be sufficient and that took us over 3 hours. 10 minutes of play and 2 hours 50 mins of coaxing, cajoling and revising the rules.
So it turns out that the questions on the cards in different categories are way way way too hard. they don’t know how old Richard Harris was when he died, or what other film concerning a diary Wailing Myrtle ( or whatever she’s called) was in.
So the first rule revision was to do away with the cards and only play using ‘my play’ or ‘all play’. For anyone unfamiliar with the game, ‘my play’ is a question or a puzzle that you watch with a dvd, and it is for the roller only, ‘my play’ is mostly film clips with a question that anyone can try to answer. Having modified to just the two options we modified further to a sort of anyone can answer version. By the time the question had come up and I had read it out to the younger ones and then translated it, the time was up, so then we further modified allowing me to pause the dvd.
This was okay for a couple of rounds until Kevin realised that he hadn’t got any right and so his miniature gryffin had not moved around the board at all. So after another intense family pow-wow we allowed that the roller could move regardless of who answered the question. he did have a brief period of success when a lot of the questions asked what a specific spell was, which is his specialist subject, so he got his five minutes of fame in the game.

Further minor adjustments allowed for accepting answers that were ‘close enough’ so for example when the question was ‘ who is the actor who played Hagrid?’ ( a nail biting ‘final cut’ question), while the correct answer was in fact Robbie Coltrane, we all agreed to allow ‘ the tall fat guy’ as ‘close enough’ !!

Got to be flexible to have fun, I may employ that as my new mantra now that ‘panic kills’ is getting old.
I really recommend this game, not as it comes, but with adjustments to suit your own family dynamic it can really be a lot of fun.;)

I have people coming over to play the ‘friends’ version tonight, one of them has never ever seen a single episode! Wonder what kind of adjustments we should make for her!

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