Intelligence. How is it measured?

as earlier reported Miss Sunshine did make the cut for high school, and I will brag a tad and say, it was a difficult exam and there were only 20 places.

BUT a couple of recent conversayshuns have left me a little concerned about her
actual ummm, ummm, intelligence as it were.

1. The Walnut Table.
I mentioned I was thinking of walnut floors during our renovantion plans.
The child/woman said, oh I saw a programme about a walnut table the other day, I recorded it. ( lets not ask why, let us just be thankful).
So we watched it, and the table was huge and very thick and spectacular.
The price however was about 15,000 US.

So I said, ‘ whoa, thats expensive!”

and she said,
Well it’s big, it would need a lot of nuts.

2. Kyra Sedgewick
While watching the lovely Kyra Sedgewick in The Closer last night, there was a shot of her getting out of bed. She was wearing a kind of tight camisole, clearly no bra and yet her boobs were, in the immortal words of Joe Cocker, ‘ up where they belong’.
So I have always thought that Kyra is not one of those actresses that had work done, she is way into her 40s and has a few kids, they just didn’t seem ‘real’ ya know.
So I mentioned this to the child/woman, I said they just don’t seem realistic, given her age/kids etc.
She said.
Well they aren’t real, she’s acting.”

If Kyra can ‘act’ perky boobs hand that woman an Oscar.

2 thoughts on “Intelligence. How is it measured?

  1. No one is as lovely as our Lily Jacadamia, she is the biz! I love that AXN interview she gives, where she talks about her co star and says ‘he smokes the cigars and plays the guitars and llistens to jazz’, she could read the phone book and sound good.

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