New Family Law

We all went out yesterday for a pleasing and enjoyable Norman Rockwell type Sunday. The younger kids want to see the new ‘Doraemon’ film, so The Man booked tickets online and we all left in good spirits. Plan being that Miss Sunshine and I would wander around the shops while The Man took the others into the cinema.
Kevin was in a foul mood from the minute he woke up. Miss Sunshine was quiet as she formulated her plan for the best approach to score most from me. She went with the ever smiling, ‘love you’, linked arms, ‘just a gal shopping with her Mama’ theme.( and it worked)

Shopping with the lass is never what I think its going to be. Seems that the latest fashions have drawn heavily on 70’s influences, not so much the flower power, tie- dye hippy type thing that I love so much from the early 70’s, more like, late 70’s ‘ hookers from Starsky and Hutch’. Very short hot pants, gawdy gold accessories. I kept wondering when Huggy Bear when was going to show his face.

After shopping and the film, the powers that be decided we would go eat Yakiniku, which didn’t really work for me because for no apparent reason I have decided to eat only raw food for the next 2 weeks. Well not for no apparent reason really, I was reading someone doing raw’s blog and she talked about EXTREME MENTAL CLARITY, and I thought hell yes I could do with that.
Anyway I digress. The kids had enjoyed the film, but now Kevin is in a bad mood ( yes! really) because we wont fork out another 20 for a plastic Doraemon something or other.

2 hours in the restaurant where I ate cabbage and repeated my new mantra,
‘ do not pummel Kevin, do not pummel Kevin’. Kevin, most likely due to my newly aquired, extreme mental clarity and the 3 yoga poses I managed last Friday, narrowly escaped a pummelling.

Bad tempered child in car all the way home, moment not eased by the fact that there was but a teaspoonful of petrol in the car and I was missing American Idol, Final 25 selections.

Rushed through Family Parliament new emergency legislation that now prohibits Kevin from
a. Eating in public with the rest off us.
b. Travelling with the rest of us
c. Ever leaving his room again.

Managed to catch ‘Brothers and Sisters’, and then ‘Bowling for Columbine’, staying up too late, brought down by ‘BfC’, and foolishly trying to read ‘The Jewel In The Crown.’
Need laughs. Will try to watch tivo’d Survivor before I go to work.

9 thoughts on “New Family Law

  1. Miss Sunny-San, bought a really nice dress actually, a pokka dot affair that looks great on anyone under 40 kgs, some shita-waya, the like of which I never at had at 15 ( or 25…) and a pair of black pumps and a pair of white.

    Neither Hugs nor Paulie showed up, but a really * interesting* ( read
    ‘young and hawt’ chappy sold me a very very nice silver chain in the silver/leather shop. So it wasn’t all bad.

  2. I would skip Jewel in the Crown and go straight for ‘Staying On’ – then you can fill me in on what i should have given for answers in our A level English exam 🙂

  3. Withering, AS SOON AS I started Jewel I thought of Staying On (which turned out to be quite good when you get Roger out of the equation) and then it got too hard t concentrate my mind kept going to you and tomato sauce on rice for 10p and French Connection.

  4. LOL – All i remember about Staying On was Roger saying there was something symbolic about Tusker dying on the toilet – …but i missed why…I think I went to buy some rice…

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