Passport update.

So spent several hours at the pp office getting in Kev’s application.
If I have proof of a departure in the form of a ticket, I can get the passport 24 hours earlier. ( i.e 6 working days rather than 7) I can’t get a ticket issued because the child is passportless
and the new one will have a new number.
So I am zenfully letting that go.
I thought a week overseas with me would be a great thing for Kev, a good time to bond etc, but having spent the entire morning with him I think we might be good now.
He was very very vocal with his feelings particularly his feelings towards me,
not all of them warm fuzzy feelings I might add.
So we are all uber connected now, he has promised to think about trying not to shout mean things at me and I have promised not to chuck him off the roof.

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