Uber powerful.

I have some kind of excess energy that causes clocks to stop and machines to malfunction.
I have been in denial about it for sometime, even thought that perhaps, just possibly it’s cause I have no idea what I am doing, but now I am convinced that I give off too much of something and machines go nuts around me.
I have had on -going problems with my printer. The Man bought a new printer last year, a plug and play affair that was so simple to operate I was sure I could manage.So I bought the same one.
It has been one thing after another with the damn thing. It went back to the shop twice, the third time I insisted on a replacement.
I have had problems and called The Man, who has dropped whatever important, breadwinnning job he was doing to come to my aid, and find that it works perfectly for him, then the minute he leaves it goes weird.
Today, today, today!! I had a BIG printing day planned. I wanted to print off 300 flash cards. I was a good boy scout, I went out got all the paper, the extra ink, the laminating pouches, everything.
I am ready to go, and my computer tells me I have no printer installed. YES I DO!!
So I tried to reinstall the printer using the ‘installation disk’ that came with it, which I had quite handily kept, and miracle of miracles, knew where it was.
The computer told me that that was not the correct installation disk. I check maker name and number etc, it was the right disk.
After 3 hours of trying to install the printer that was installed a year ago I had to call the teenage daughter.
The Man knew I was printing today and I suspect he drove far deep into the moutains where there is no cellphone reception, unless you are Jack Bauer of course, which he isn’t, but only because he doesn’t want to be…
So I phone the teen and say really nicely,
and she did, and the printer started up no problem, and she printed the 100s of cards and the laminated them, and all is well
except the clock stopped again.

2 thoughts on “Uber powerful.

  1. Perhaps you are, unbekown to yourself a Super Hero….’Extra-Static Woman’ …otherwise known to other super heros as XX Static ….what happens when you rub balloons on your head ?

  2. I do believe you are right, I think I , uneknownst to myself, also exist on
    another plane, doing good, righting wrongs, in a black pointy bra, using my Extra-Static powers against evil.

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