American Idol Final 12

America got it wrong if you ask me, and my kids did ask me. they said, ‘ Ma, did America get it right?’
and I had to say, ‘ No my lovelies, this week America got it wrong’.
David Hernandez is now on a greyhound bus back to wherever he came from.
Not that David H was going to make it to say the final 8 or anything but there is no way that Barbie Lee Cook should get another chance on that stage before him.
I did not like his performance much but he IS a good singer and has done consistently well up to now, where as HER, she is crap every week.
Maybe it is just a Sanjaya thing, keeps people watching or some such nonsense.
That David Cook is great but there is something about him, I can’t put my finger on, like he needs a good wash or something, I don’t know. Guitar -Justin is just too damn cute, he ain’t gonna win, and Simon was right with the ‘student at midnight’ comment, and I am not sure Justin is the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is cute and I would definitely go and listen to him play in a bar or a coffee house somewhere, but can’t seen him selling out a stadium.
At the moment I can see a Carly/Brook/ David Enchilada/David Cook final 4, but maybe I am jumping the gun, still a lot of weeks to go.
Kat McPhee, where are you? You are way too skinny woman, where is that Phabulous woman who sang with Meatloaf?

2 thoughts on “American Idol Final 12

  1. I was cringing when I had to hear Barbie sing the song again last night! I actually thought her voice was okay, it was just that twangy country arrangement that made me ill. I too feel that there is something strange about the rocker David. I think it`s his hair. I love Justin`s eyes. I`m not sure who I want to win this year. Maybe Carly-but I wish she would cover up that tattoo more often!

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