At last, the chicklets went back to school. A new school year starts here in Japan, so everyone goes up a grade and gets a new teacher. Fingers X’d they all get good teachers this year, but especially Kev, am hoping he gets a male teacher, I think it would be good for him.

Surprisingly it was Lucky Jim who was grumpy this morning, didn’t want to go, still half asleep, and very distressed to find out that not only is he going today but will be expected to attend Mon- Fri for the next 10 years.

Lunches don’t kick off till next Monday so they finish at 11.30 everyday this week, so another week of trying to rustle up nutritious lunches for them and probably again failing dismally.

Next week is the first class meeting so there will be the full on horrific stress of the
the yakkuin ( PTA type thing) selections . I don’t think I have had a single conversation with my friends here in the last 3 months that has not somehow got onto the topic of yakkuin, how stressful it is, how time consuming it is and how pointless is it.

I have not done my stint for Doris yet and she is in the 6th grade so I suspect that is one class meeting I will not attend. Yes I am a coward, but it is so much easier to be tough and keep saying ‘ no’ on the phone than it is surrounded by 35 other mothers.

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