Athletic Support.

Sunday found us at Sanroku Koen doing the 2 hour ‘athletic’ course. What fun. Having invested the big bucks in the digicam I never actually have it with me, so no visuals.
We have done it before a few times and I always start off feeling a little sad ecause it reminds me of how hopeless I would be on Survivor, which
always includes games that are part army assault course. I could manage the swimming but I wouldn’t be able to establish myself as an absolute necessity for my tribe, up against some of those young buck guys.
If there is a race where someone has to swim at their own pace for a really long time I might do okay though.
So the athletic course starts off quite gently, like walking along logs high in the air like gymnastics in a gulag or something.
It takes me a bit of time to warm up, and the kids have all obviously sped on without me and are now somewhere in the jungle. The Man is behind me, carrying the flasks of tea.
When I jumped down at the end of the first ( very long) log walk I turned to look at him, and let me tell you this, I once read that Brad Pitt’s chin ‘is
perfectly chiselled granite’, well you lose Brad, cos The Man’s entire face is chiselled granite, ya boo sucks Angie!!! So it does require a trained eye to fully appreciate his mood, his emotion ( if indeed he is feeling one) his thought ( if indeed he has one).
And this trained eye, saw the look on his face, as I jumped off the log ( the long long very high up log) his face said, quite clearly to me,
which I didn’t think was very nice or supportive and I can see me instigating the make your own frickin dinner system again.

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