All is well.

In our little corner of the world, all is very very well.
Kids all seem happy to be back at school. Kev’s radical personality transplant
has not rejected yet, and he is smiling and chatty and even offering out the odd cuddle here and there. So far nothing forgotten, lost or broken. Yay for us!

Sunshine is loving the whole High School thing, she gets to go off on a train in the mornings with her gal pals and seems to be enjoying what looks like a lot of autonomy in school after so much rigidity in Junior High.

Jim has the same teacher Kev had last year, Mrs North River, and she has quite a reputation for strictness, so he is checking and double checking things all the time. This is the 3rd time one of my kids has had her and personally I am very fond of her, she is a great teacher.
So I am looking forward to this school year, I think we are all going to enjoy it.

Of course this Friday is the dreaded Open Day and Class Meeting, the first of the school year when the PTA members are decided.
This is where mothers, who for the most part work full time jobs and manage kids because their husbands all work Japan hours, are asked nicely ( publicly forced) to attend pointless meetings every week for the next year, and organise activities that they and their kids don’t really have time to attend on account of there just being those 24 measly hours in each day, but God forbid, there should be a weekend free, a weekend without a sports tournament to umpire or dish out tea for, Heaven help us if we should actually end up having to just HANG OUT and enjoy time with the family, why then the very fabric of society will start to unravel.
So very very much not looking forward to Friday, as Doris is in 6th grade and I have not done my stint yet……

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