Barbie is still in ???

American Idol was a shocker! There is no justice in this world, Barbie is STILL with us despite further crap on Saturday and Amanda Overmayer is ousted, missing her chance to go on tour. Barbie is a cross between Sanjaya and Haley, she should be on a bus by now not Amanda who is actually, if you like that sort of thing, very good, maybe this is the point where Gina Glosckenspiel got it last year, maybe this is the ‘dump the rocker chick’ point in the ‘competition’.
Our David, our wonderful David, he the cutest ever, not in ‘ OMG he is so cute’ like Justin, but ‘ cute’ like puppies and kittens and Spongebob accessories.
I think I know what it is about David Cook that I don’t like. That wispy hair at the front looks like he has a comb over, or barcode head as they call it here, there was a camera shot of him from the back and he doesn’t but you know he WILL have, it’s like he is preparing for the moment. I want to see his Dad, see what kind of head of hair his Dad is sporting.
And Simon’s comment that it really wasn’t as good as he thought it was, was spot on too.

Brothers and Sisters was quite a tear jerker so the kids were laughing at me, might not let them watch with me anymore.

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