It’s Raining It’s Pouring

The Old Man was snoring but as usual was out to work before 6 a.m. another 16 hour work day for him.
Torrential rain had me worried that school might be cancelled if there was a typhoon warning, which would have put the kibbosh on my plans to do absolutely nothing by myself all day. An entire day off, no classes, no bank, no post office just me and a stack of dvds I rented on ‘cheap’ day, yesterday.

They did not want to go to school, knowing that Mama plans to sit on the sofa and eat bonbons all day, half hearted stomachaches, mini migraines etc were attempted, but I drove them back with my big gnarly stick.

Laden with their huge backpacks, melodicas, PE kits, they staggered off,
but it’s raining they said,
but it’ so faaaarrrr they moaned.
And I remembered the wise words of my own dear mother, and thought now a fitting time to impart this sage advice to my own little chicklets as they go off into the
I know, I know, life is hard, get over it.
I think they accepted that, I think they liked my honesty, kisses and hugs all round, off they went, and I locked the door, just incase anyone comes back for a hankerchief or something. 😉

One thought on “It’s Raining It’s Pouring

  1. hahahaha you locked the door! World’s Best Mommy Award to you today!

    Do you start all your sentences with “In my day …”

    Love the new banner. Kev is so special. Love that!

    The cuzzy’s haven’t fallen far from the tree in terms of (jii-chan’s) looks have they?

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