Dave Cook Rocked.

I was shattered last night when Dave Cook performed ‘ Billie Jean’ and it ws absolutely jawdroppingly, gobsmackingly brill. I don’t like him, his face is too shiny, but give him his due, he was great. david Enchilada was only so so, Barbie sang some sort of American National Anthem that will have billions of people voting for her, so she isn’t gettin on the bus this week.
The woman who went on first, Mariel? Muriel? I think she should consider getting he ticket now in case seats are sold out. Bottom 3 could be Muriel, Chikezie, and Sayesha, or maybe even Carly, she didn’t really hit it last night.
Brooke has grown on me, her Police song was good. I hope she doesn’t win the competition , I think she is too good, too nice a person for all it would entail.
Vote off at 8pm tonight.

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