A Mahvellous Couple Of Days.

Spent a couple of days crying into a box of tissues watching back to back episodes of ‘Sex and the City’, the final season.
They really pulled it together well, wrapping up the stories with credibility, and lots of humour. I cried over Charlotte’ baby coming, and Miranda takng care of Steve’s Mum, Sam’s fabulous inspiring speech about her cancer and her loving the wonderful Smith, and of course Carrie and ‘Big’, and lets face it , ask any gal you know, we have all had our ‘Big’s. ( Haven’t we?)

This morning I went to see a dear friend, someone I should see more of as she only lives half an hour away, we had some delish hazelnut and vanilla coffee with whipped up frothing, lovingly hand whisked ( we don’t all have the fancy shmancy machines Jacadamia??) and we exchanged dvds and talked a lot of telly, an addiction we share, though she ( God knows why??) loves all that Sci Fi stuff, but I think you have to draw a line SOMEWHERE for goodness sake, can’t just willynilly watch any old rubbish;)

We had many laughs about the trials and tribulations of dealing with aging relatives and their ‘senior moments’, the laughs stopped abruptly for a moment, when we both realised that lately we had been experiencing our own ‘senior moments’ recently,but we soon forgot about it and we went on to cover doctors and nurses and medication and information and vaccinations and low carb diets and potato chips Vs sweets, and God and Law of Attraction and The Kite Runner and 1000 Splendid Suns and before you know it….
we were back to tv. We talked about how great Dr. House is, and how if I were to go home and then fall inexplicably into a coma only Dr House would be able to figure out it was something I had picked up from her cat, something that only made ME ill, that by some fluke only I am not immune to. It’s a comfort to know, I can tell you.
So thanks for a lovely morning my friend, who may possibly be called Mrs Island Tree

2 thoughts on “A Mahvellous Couple Of Days.

  1. i can imagine you outing well and just gotta agree that a good afternoon with a friend to go on tangents with has to be pure heaven (and then your House doctor can revive you when you want to be back on this planet)

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