She’s Gone.

At last Mariel thingy is out, on the bus, no looking back, I hope she threw away those Gawd awful shorts.
Bottom 3; thought cute-but-now-boring-Jason, who Jacadamia quite rightly pointed out is the spitting image of House’s Dr Cuddy, good call Jacadamia.
Can’t look at him properly now.
Anyhoo, aside from bye bye Mariel-whatever, highlight was when Brooke , who was in bottom 3, was emotional and Ryan tried to pin it on her fears of going home, when she quite rightly pointed out that in the face of long lost starving, abandoned, homeless, separated/reunited sisters in Africa and Dolly 4 inch waist Parton and her Jesus in one hand and gravity in the other, crying over spilt song contests all seemed a little pathetic and meaningless.
Excellent response Brooke, again, I say, you are too good or this,
make a country album, carve out a nice little niche for yourself in Nashville, near Bucky and Bo, sing for your supper and have a lovely rustic house and a load of kids, you’ll be fabulously happy.

One thought on “She’s Gone.

  1. Idol gives back! I was sitting there saying ring up, ring up, even Mr was moved by the scenes of Ethiopia.
    Yes the top lot are shaping up nicely with Ramiel gone. next off Kirsty Lee

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