Spending Time With Angels.

A long time ago, when the Earth was green, and I was pregnant with my first chicklet, a very wise friend said to me
” Babies are the angels”.
Last night I got to spend time with a beautiful, 10 week old baby and I recalled her words and you know, she is right.
This baby boy is SO divine, so totally there is his own presence, in his own moment, it was humbling.
I felt that he already knows everything he needs to know and with babies and children it is our job to learn from them of course but also to not let them forget that they are born knowing everything they need to know.
It is we who have forgotten, we who need to remember.

Babies are our sign, our sign that God or Allah or The Goddess or whatever name you give to the divine creative impulse, the creative source, has not given up on us, he/she/it still has faith that we will get our shit together and sort out this mess we have made.

I realised that my kids can’t remember where their P.E. kits are, or to bring home their toys from the park, or to wash their hair every night, or put the lid back on the ketchup properly, not because they are not yet old enough to get it, but because they are still young enough
to remember how irrelevent these things are in the grand scheme of life.

I need more babies around to re- member me.;)

7 thoughts on “Spending Time With Angels.

  1. You are so right…….really touching observation……x

    Puppies too…once they get to dogs… whoah all values out of the window x

  2. oh getonegetonegetone….great non verbal ,unconditional love….works wonders…

    Always reading Miss Behaving but find it v difficult to comment on TV shows as i only have 5 channels on my TV ( pick yourself up off the floor missy, its 1 more than my mother has ) I will not knowingly give Rupert Murdoch any of my hard earned cash so have to forgo the delights of Mariel and her hot pants and settle for repeats of Crossroads.

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