Oh What A Beautiful Morning.

Glorious sunny morning here up the mountain. I think I had about 12 hours sleep last night. After enjoying Without A Trace and then an old Meryl Streep film, set in Ireland in the 30s, which was excellent but dreadfully depressing, I managed to drag myself off to bed before getting sucked into a Japanese news show about hikes in petrol prices.
So I am here, well rested and ready to take on the world.

Made a start with Kevin by imploring him once more to stop chewing the front of his T shirt, as every shirt he owns has chewed holes in it, like an old dog bone, which means no more GAP for him!

I will de-clutter my entire house in one fell swoop, so we can begin our grand reform, though just by dumping all the crap we don’t need I think we might find hitherto unused rooms.

I am going to do my 5 yoga poses, for strength and mental clarity. I read yesterday that Madonna does 12 hours a week! Well I am going to do 12 minutes a day and be a mini Madonna.

I shall commune with nature today, starting by moving a half dead plant from the dark shelf in the back room, into the sunlight of the kitchen.
With my lovely chicklets kicking and screaming we will take a long walk around the mountain, gathering wild flowers and perhaps some berries.
On our return we will get to work in the garden, planting and digging and
clipping, with BBC radio 4s Woman’s Hour filling us with important news
from the Motherland.

I downloaded famous speeches from history for the chicklets to enjoy in the car. We started yesterday with Martin Luther King’s, ‘ I have a dream..’
It would have gone down well I think if someone hadn’t been singing Puff The Magic Dragon over the top, quite so loudly. Tomorrow, Malcome X…..
So I feel a productive day coming on, which I will get to after I read just one more page of my detective thriller…..

2 thoughts on “Oh What A Beautiful Morning.

  1. Oh the chicklets are so lucky to have mini madonna as their mum filling them with inspirational words. I bet they can’t wait to get their own iPods so they block you out.

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