Its The Time Of The Season

When loves run high…. tension, fear and repulsion running high here as we got our
first MUKADE of the season.
Jim came across it as he was about to get into the bath, resulting in a screaming, streak across the house.
We know the drill, me and Kev, he put the kettle on and I whacked the thermostat up to 60.
There is only one way to kill a MUKADE and that is to boil it alive, pour copious amounts of boiling water on it and it will eventually shrivel and die.
Don’t whack it with a stick, a) it doesn’t work and b) it can curl itself around a stick and quick as a flash be up the stick and on your hand.
Don’t try to chop it in half, both halves live and wiggle and thrash about.
Dn’t let it live so that it can go out and reproduce.
We do try not to kill anything here but MUKADE have to die.
They bite, the bites are ( apparently) very painful, and they have some kind of poison in them. I don’t think enough to kill a grown adult, but enough to cause considerable pain, swelling and discomfort to one.

It took 2 kettles full and 3 large jugs full of boiling water before it gave up the fight
and it lay all curled and grey and spent on the bathroom floor.

Then my son, heir apparent, who lives his life in such a state of tension he EATS HIS OWN CLOTHES, swooped in, armed with nothing but an oven glove and an empty milkpack, and removed it to somewhere outside, a spacious farm perhaps. One of his finest moments ever.
All hail the King, King Kev.
I would post a pic but the lad, was in my Birks and out the door so quick I didn’t have time to capture on kodak.

Japanese people always tell you that MUKADE are always in pairs. In 17 years I have seen maybe 20 MUKADE, and always single! Which means I shall be sitting on the edge of the sofa, trying to watch The Departed, tonight, twitching like I have flies on my peripheral vision.

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