Save All Your Fishes For Me.

A wave of productivity seizes me and I had a day of GETTING THINGS DONE.
I was so inspired by the fine man over at MarkRuinsDinner, who not only stays home taking care of 3 kids and ruining dinner, but in just 16 short months he put up a coat rack, so after just 7 short years in this house I finally took down the very old and very rusty post box the previous owners had welded to the gate.
It was way easier than I had imagined, taking only 10 minutes of banging at it with the broken half of a baseball bat, wonder why I didn’t do it before.
After that I went on a posting mission. Posted fish, from one friend to another friend, I was the middle-woman, and now I can’t get the song out of my head.
” Save all your fishes for me,
Save all your fishes for me
Bye bye baby, bye bye……”
Then another box off…. I think people in England should know what a superb parcel delivery service they have here in Japan. I can send a box of anything to anywhere in Japan and it will only cost about 5 pounds and be there within two days, except for perhaps a nasty cold, I don’t think you can get anything in England in just two days can you?
Someone needs to set up a nationwide parcel delivery service. Withering? Can you get on that?
I chanced my arm at the post office too and got in and out without incident or reference to my gaijinity, they asked where my parcel was going ( India) without assuming it was going to America, because they had already assumed I am American, and everyone knows Americans only ever post to other Americans!!!

Not yet sated with my output, I went home, popped Mystic River in the dvd player and started packing boxes in readiness for our rennovations. May have to rethink the plan. I cleared ony one book shelf, of books, games and dvds, all kids’ stuff and filled 6 boxes. And I wonder where will all these boxes be when they are ripping up my parquet flooring??? Need a new plan.

Took young Jim off to the ENT, on the way in the car, while I was trying to listen
to a heated discussion on toddler nutrition courtesy bbc woman’s hour ( Thank you Liz SO much) he was demanding to hear ‘ the spider’ song.
What ‘ spider song’?
The ‘spider song’ we always play.
What? Insey Winsey Spider?
No! The one Doris loves.
Doris loves ‘ Puff The Magic Dragon’.
YES! That’s the one.
No idea where the spiders are in PTMG but never mind.

At the ENT, the doc once more inserted a huge knife in my son’s ear and cut a hole. I wondered when it was exactly that this stopped filling me with fear and dread and bringing on a panic attack.
For the time being Jim can hear again, better tell him all he needs to know now, before his ear fills up again.

Dinner, baths. I was a little nervous getting in the bath after last night’s visitor, but I was had the tale end of my Val McDermid book about a a sadistic sexual predator who tortures his victims to death, to soothe me and allay my fears.

Quandry ‘ Oceans 12’ or ‘Medical Investigation’ ??
Much as it is good to see Brad just before you go to bed, ‘Ocean’s’ is just too long for this time of night. MI it is and an ‘early’ night.
Excellent day!

2 thoughts on “Save All Your Fishes For Me.

  1. honey! you ARE flying!
    now that you know how to fly…come see me!

    seriously, i have a huge mound of post that for some reason i cannot get into today. do you think perhpas we are experiencing some sort of role reversal? we’ll know when i go out and buy a tv tomorrow…

  2. On your advice I have bought a K reg white ford transit van and hand painted ‘fish delivered in boxes for a fiver’ in red paint on the side of it, I’ve even bought a cap that i wear at a jaunty angle,dirven it up and down the local streets but people just dont seem to be responding with the same enthusisam as you to have….maybe i will try the loud speaker approach..Do you remember when political parties used to trawl the streets with a tanoy shouting Vote Conservative ….I’ll do the same but shout ” post your fish with me”

    My brother used to cry at Puff the magic dragon.

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