I Want To Ride My Bicycle.

Thought we had a fab holiday activity lined up. We would drive to a Park ‘N’ Ride place and ride bikes to Nara Park. HA!

Kev got up feeling distinctly Kev- ish. Took a while to get out of the house as he proclaimed, he wasn’t going, then he would go but he wouldn’t ride a bike, he will ride but he wont stay close to us, he will stay close to us but he wont speak to us,
he will speak afterall but not in a very nice voice…..it went on and on and on.

I asked if we could park kids as well, but no, it appears we cannot.

Everything went out the window when we got there and the kids bikes were just
too big for Jim to ride safely, so some idiot ( me) had the bright idea that we would enjoy, as a family, walking the 3.5 kms to the park in the hot sunshine.

Kev did not want to do that, that was not his first choice of fun things to do on a holiday weekend, so he lagged behind, kicking stones along the pavement and eating the collar of his T shirt.
Doris and Jim, the terminally happy duo skipped along merrily.
Sunshine stayed home in bed, on the grounds that one should never be seen in public with your family unless;
a It is a school function in which case everyone is in the same leaky boat.
b It is a shopping trip and the trade off is copious amounts of new clothes.

Suffice to say it was not the joyous family outing I had envisaged so after a picnic lunch and some deer petting, and carefully stepping around the deer shit that was all over the park, I opted to wander around the fabulous shops on offer in Nara Town, just me and Doris. We wandered, we shopped, we had an ice cream, all was well.
We decide to head back on the train to the nearest bookshop that sells books in English.
On the train on the way back we had to stand, Doris inadvertently had her elbow in the wrong place, it blocked the sensor on the door and the door wouldn’t shut, delaying the train by four seconds, the effect of which is still spreading through the country like the whole pebbles, ripples, water scenario.
I was able to immediately, on the spot, make up a song about how ‘Doris Made The Train Late’. It appears Doris has crossed that line now, Mummy singing in public is no longer fun, Oh how quickly they grow……..

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