The Party’s Over.

So our four days of joy and frivolity are over and it is back to work and back to school.
For no apparent reason the chicklets were up at 5.30, eager to return to school I wonder?
I usually only give them 30 minutes to get up, ablute, eat breakfast, get dressed and go, too much time leads to fighting and chaos and me having to use my shrieky voice, which I don’t like to do before 8.00 a.m.
Normally there is no TV or radio in the morning, nothing that can distract them from the task at hand, especially with Kev, who can be distracted by the butter on his toast.
Today with all this time on their hands , as a special treat I let them all listen to a discussion on ‘gender in the diocese’ from bbc radio 4.
They ( Kev and Jim) repaid my kindness, my leniency, by engaging in a sock throwing contest, which quickly degenerated into a toast crust throwing contest and for the finale, they extracted pleasure from sitting on each others’ heads and farting.

I have heard about a great school in Wakayama that would suit these two.
What struck me as good about it was the word ‘residential’ in the brochure.

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