Packed Lunches and the Children Of Today.

So everyone needs a bento.
A packed lunch.
Sunshine needs one everyday but usually makes her own, but today, the others have school feld trips, so they need one too.

This involves extra shopping and making gallons of tea.

A packed lunch in Japan is an art form and I was never very good at art.
When they were little I did make the effort, not quite 3D pokemon motifs fashioned from asparagus and flaked salmon but I did try, I could do faces and suns, and fish and whatnot.
Now they are all older I figured we could just go the old route, the route of my childhood when a packed lunch meant a few egg sarnies and a slice of tomato.
It was not to be, the chicklets handed in thier shopping lists.
Mini tomatoes ( red and yellow)
green beans.
bean spouts
white asparagus
sesame ( black and white)

That was just for the upper layer of the tiered box.
For the lower level,the basement if you will,
one wanted rice balls
one wanted ham and ketchup sandwiches
one wanted rice balls and ham and ketchup sandwiches.
The fourth one wanted some rice balls, some ham and ketchup sandwiches and sausage sandwiches.

What do you want on your sausage sandwich ? I asked.

Get this! Get this!
‘demi-glace sauce’ she says.
Demi- bloody- glace sauce?
I blame Jamie- bloody-Oliver.

2 thoughts on “Packed Lunches and the Children Of Today.

  1. i’d like the american lunch spectacular (peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat) AND the brit-wit on the basement tier, please (i give you the freedom to develop whatever you feel that might be down there)
    AND a small indian curry with bread on the third, and uppermost, tier. cold pack if you will.

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